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Miles McMillan as

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One of the things we’re going to keep alive [in Season 4] is the memory of Aiden, because he was such a huge part of the show,” Gretchen J. Berg said. “He supported Emily a way that a lot other people weren’t able to do because of the experience they shared together.

Prepare for the Aimily flashbacks! ♥ (via galacticgirl7)

I’m still not convinced that Aidan can’t be brought back. If they can make David coming back to life believable, surely they could do the same for Aidan down the line.

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I’m an adult, but not like a real adult

anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)  
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Two Lies and A Truth with Colin O’Donoghue (x)

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guys… it’s a palm tree.


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Sirius Black + James Potter Moodboard 4/x

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that girl you just called ugly? she’s tatiana maslany

that boy you beat up? he’s tatiana maslany too

look at yourself

you’re tatiana maslany

think twice before you bully

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This scene was hot, Haylijah is perfection!

Love this scene soo much..and it makes me want a hot Haylijah pool/hot tub make out ;)

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Anonymous has spoken:

Can you do Marauders + sleepy headcanons because SLEEPY BOYS ARE SO IMPORTANT


  • when james potter is awake he is awake to Do Stuff. he wakes up in the morning and springs out of bed and plans all of his great pranks for the day and is a general pain in the ass to literally everyone before 10 am but BUT if anything keeps him up past his bed time james potter turns into a massive whiny baby 
  • sirius wakes up in the morning angry and can never go back to sleep once he’s up. it’s just how he functions. he has a personal vendetta against the sun, noises, friends, breakfast, clothes, stairs, strangers, teachers, house elves, sassy paintings, stairs that move (STAIRS THAT MOVE), basically anything that isn’t his bed. if you encounter sirius black any time before lunch he’s guaranteed to be a massive huge butt. conversely at night time he’s the cuddliest motherfucker known to man sirius black will make it his personal mission to fall asleep on you and you’ll like it, god dammit.
  • remus wakes up very, very, very slowly. it takes a million years to get him out of bed and a hundred more to actually get him into clothes. he has to wake up a full thirty minutes before his friends just because it takes so god damn long to actually wake up. he goes about the first hour or so of his day really bleary-eyed, he bumps into stuff, leans heavily on an irate sirius at the breakfast table like he’s going to actually take a nap on him, and his worst marks are consecutively, every year, in his early-morning classes.
  • peter doesn’t do sleepy. when peter is awake peter is a functioning human being. when it’s bed time you couldn’t get him to wake up with a bloody air-raid siren. peter is basically a machine. honestly his friends are a little concerned that he’s narcoleptic? like one minute he’s just awake and talking and holding a conversation and the next minute he’s just fucking out (“pete, pete, did you hear what moony said? did you—” “I’m pretty sure he’s asleep, mate,” “HE’S SITTING UP”) but he always wakes up refreshed and ready to go it’s uncanny.
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And I feel lost and confused
I am crying out your name
But your touch ain’t relieving it’s pain

What did I do?
What did I do?
To get my mind stuck on you?


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I feel like I’ve really earnt my stripes - I feel ready to play a lead. I would just love to prove I’m good enough to carry a project.

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I can’t stop thinking that Sirius probably forced James to dress up as the giant squid and go ask Lily out during break and she pushes him in the water where the actual squid is very confused but also flustered about this new piece of hot tentacle in her lake

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They are alone.

But together.

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They are alone.

But together.